Hi, I'm Toby Lyons

On a personal and a professional level, I love connecting people. It takes a genuine desire to help, as well as empathy and patience to build great relationships. I’m excited to bring these qualities into the work I do and into what is often a very impersonal part of the sales process. 

There are real people with real challenges at the other end of the messages that we send. It’s time to put our prospects at the center of the equation

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Core Values

Prospecting doesn’t have to be like talking to a brick wall. Our approach, mindset and values define our work


When we put prospects first, treating them like they are already valued customers with thorough research and personalized, jargon-free communication, we get real results

Thirst for Knowledge

We have a solid system for effective 121 digital communication. This system is constantly evolving with the work that we do, the thought leaders who inspire us and by keeping a pulse on industry trends


We’d love a world with no more generic messaging, where templates are banned, and where automation is used for efficiency gains rather than to try and replace human interaction

Do you want a steady stream of meetings
with new prospects?